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11-18-2010, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by claydermunch View Post
power to shields removes Subsystem targeting related effects, does it not?
same as all "power to" powers do for their respective subsystems.
no it does not. it only counters the deactivation of the related system. But the negativ-effect stays on you...

In the case above, it it only negates the dropeffect or the complete fail of the system.
If the system failes use a related Battery (BeamTargetEngine >> EP2Engines, Engine battery or AttackPatternOmega, BeamTarget Shields>> Shieldbattery or EP2S...) or the Eng can use "Miracle Worker".

to complely remove the effect: Eng-Team

try it out against the Breen.. the cruisers will use BTS3 on i saw by myself:
- Breen fires BTS 3 on my ship
- Shieldenergy falls from 65 to 25 (energysytem was red)
- i used EP2S 1 (+ 25 to shieldsetting)
- my shieldernergy goes to 50 (and not 65+25 =90)...until the debuff goes away
- the only effect i was countering with EP2S, was the shieldsystem fail or shieldfacing-drop
- to complete negate the debuff/effect use Eng-Team.