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11-18-2010, 08:18 AM
from what i've gathered from posts and interviews, ESD is going to be completely redesigned, and the Solar System is first priority.

Rumors from devs indicate that the "new" ESD, mars shipyard and saturn, and various solar system bases are going to be the first prority for the "earth face-lift"
one important feature of this change will be to make solar system space normal looking... instead of the unexplained and uncanon (and completely unrealistic) mysterious blue nebula that you filthy feds have now.

i imagine they will probably make the solar system one giant zone, with mars shipyard, and saturn test ground, and jupitor bases as well as ESD.
i think this could be done in a zone not much bigger then SB24.
but this is speculation based on rumor.

however, Dan Stahl BARELY mentioned some sort of reworking of the introduction tutorial for the federation at the begginning of a new character creation.
i believe he mentioned something about starfleet academy.

i think it wouldnt be hard to imagine that the academy and Feddie HQ could be represented in a tutorial mission with multiple parts using earth itlsef as a backdrop.

with mission replay becoming available in season 3 you would be able to visit the academy and earth whenever you wanted without dedicating an entire zone to "site seeing"

this was accomplished in a similar fashion in the Klingon's first PvE mission, where you had to travel to the "suburbs" of First city on Qo'nos to kill a bunch of rotten romulans and their treacherous duras/torg sympathisers.... i hope the enjoy their all expense paid trip to Greythor!

however the feds have a lot of key planets with no real purpose to visit.
so i dont think it would be a stretch to include san fransisco on the list of feddie "tourist" zones.

what you ask is probably in the realm of realistic content... and you'll probably see it somewhere in season 4 or 5 in my opinion!

according to canon... the Klingons aided in the defense of earth against the borg at Wolf 579!
we lost 1 vorcha, and 3 BoPs.
therefore you should eract a klingon monument there ASAP, to recognize our heroic sacrafice in defending earth against the borg!
then again... we'll probably just make out own once we overrun ESD!!!!