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11-18-2010, 09:47 AM
Hey Woozywyvern

We have a number of UK based members (myself being one), and would happily have you onboard.
When joining the UFP, there is a brief Academy period (simply to get you up to speed on what our fleet is and how it works), anything beyond that is entirely up to you. We have a monthly roll call sign in (quick and painless, with a week to fill it in and a reminder so you don't have to worry about it), so we can keep a fairly accurate head count, but you are free to participate at any time without committing.
This way our members don't have to worry about keeping to schedules or making sure they meet a quota, you can just hop on TS and/or in-game any time you want and enjoy.

If you'd like more details feel free to contact me, or visit our site at You're more than welcome to also hop on our TeamSpeak 3 server at

Good hunting.