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11-18-2010, 06:41 PM
When the "Injury System" originally went to the Tribble test server, it went through some big changes due to player feedback, that Phoxe was relaying back to the team at the time.

When the "Injury System" was patched over to the Holodeck live server, more feedback was relayed back to the team, and it was noted on a number of occasions (even before the build was pushed to Holodeck), that player captains should not have to pay the medical officers for treatment or pay chief engineers to repair their ships (for what should be obvious reasons if you have seen Star Trek), but the even so, players still had to pay for treatment as well as repairs.

So it was originally intended for players to pay for the treatment of injuries to their selves or their bridge officers as well as pay for the repairs to their ships damage (aka injuries in game ).

Eventually, at some point a decision was made to remove the cost for treatment as well as repairs, but it was never announced in the forums by any member of the STO team, but must have been a result of player feedback and has been this way for at least 3 months now.

It is only minor, major and critical regenerators and components that players need to pay for, although these items can be acquired as loot in combat.