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11-19-2010, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
I like PvP in this game. Maybe there could be some minor balance adjustments, but all things considered, I'm happy. There is just one small thing that would greatly improve my game experience:

Don't force me into PvE, let me earn my daily emblems in PvP.

Currently, I can get 3 emblems per day via PvP (or PvPvE in Kerrat on some days) and it is possible to earn additional ~15 emblems per day via PvE (without farming the 1 emblem repeatable exploration missions). Why can't I get these emblems via PvP?

I don't want to spend my time doing explorations and Deferi dailies, I want to shoot it out with my friends from the PvP community. I would love to have the opportunity to earn additional emblems (beyond the current 3) via PvP. To prevent PvP from turning into an afk-only farming activity, these additional emblems should only be granted for winning a certain number of matches.

Before we got emblems, daily rewards were 50/50 between PvE and PvP (and the STFs, but that's a different thing, I think). Marks of Honour were taken away, but Marks of Exploration remain available at VA/LG and there are a lot of new PvE ways for earning emblems.

Restore the ability to obtain the same amount of rewards from PvP!
no. no. and no.

simple reason: have you heard of the emblem farmers? the ones that enter a PvP match and just sit there, typically under cloak(a real waste of the defiant/GalX) leaving the rest of the active team a man short.

I live in Australia, so ym timezone is not ideal, and i find myself lumped with these people in the masses. im sick of them. i want the out of PvP. i say remove all emblems/marks of honor from PvP matches. leave it to events like fleet actions and war zones