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11-19-2010, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by apt.pupil
no. no. and no.

simple reason: have you heard of the emblem farmers? the ones that enter a PvP match and just sit there, typically under cloak(a real waste of the defiant/GalX) leaving the rest of the active team a man short.
Have you read the part where I wrote

To prevent PvP from turning into an afk-only farming activity, these additional emblems should only be granted for winning a certain number of matches.
I am well aware that participation-only emblems from PvP lead to problems with farmers. But a team that is one man short because of a farmer is usually not going to win, thus not gaining any emblems.

Originally Posted by apt.pupil
I live in Australia, so ym timezone is not ideal, and i find myself lumped with these people in the masses. im sick of them. i want the out of PvP. i say remove all emblems/marks of honor from PvP matches. leave it to events like fleet actions and war zones.
Every hour I have to spend in PvE to get emblems is an hour that I am not in PvP, not healing you or killing your enemies or otherwise improving your PvP experience.