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11-19-2010, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by ryecrash View Post
StormShade, I'm so used to TOS as The Original Series on this website I had to re-read your post.

On to the actual subject of my post.
I've always enjoyed the allegorical nature of Star Trek and certainly look forward to these types of missions in the foundry. The one request I have is for everyone to try not to spell out what you are trying to say, just allude to it. When Picard directly linked the forcible relocation of a group of people in Insurrection to what the US did to the American Indians, it's like explaining a punchline for a joke (I am not comparing the treatment of Native Americans to a joke) which makes the joke less humorous. Like it was mentioned before in this thread, subtly is important and makes your story much more compelling.
Which is funny because in the TV series he was going to forcibly remove some native Indians from a planet they had settled on orders from Starfleet Command. Funny that he chewed Crusher out for his own little "insurrection" and then they had him do the same thing himself in a movie. . .one reason why I hate the TNG movies.