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I agree, its time for that amazing human adaptibility to come into play.
Biometric Oraganic hulls? Where did the feds get a chance to learn about his type of technology?
ADMIRAL JANEWAY, or did we forget voyager, 7 Of 9 and the doctors new technology they brought back with them and made new tech along the way. both persons where involved in such technology break throughs. this is canon as it is displayed in voyager from middle season to end.

also again the fed did not have carriers they just had ships which could hold a good number of fighters and shuttles. namely the nebula and galaxy. the akira could hold some fighters but not as much as the nebula and the galaxy. The ships where in great number at the battle to retake ds9. about 12- 15 attack wings. I am just saying there is no need to have carreirs when we have ships already that can hold fighters already. its just that cryptic doesnt know how to implement this into sto. Even though we gave them plenty of ideas of how to implement fighters into current large federation ships.

fighters capacity ratio
a galaxy can hold about 20
the nebula is more modular so they can probably can hold 25 to 30
the akira i figure can hold about 10
voyager can hold 2 to 4
defiant can hold 1
sovereign can hold about 5 to 10 she is a command and control ship