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11-19-2010, 06:27 PM
So to be clear, there is an argument here against the Federation having another ship option? From, ostensibly players who say that Federation doesn't need one. Do you really expect us to believe all you guys are turning down a new ship, just because it doesn't fit your idea of canon?

Seriously, how many of you guys are really Klingon players who don't want to face Federation Carriers?

C'mon.. its ok, we understand that Carriers are scary and you might want Federation not to have them so you can dominate PvP. But, I don't believe for one minute the anti-carrier crowd here are Feds. I'm pretty sure its obvious to most of the rest of the players here too.

For example the argument against canon is laughable. How many Klingon fighters have appeared on any Star Trek movie or Television show? Zero? Ok, so then the argument is that Federation does not have Carriers even if they do have fighters. Akira. Next? Oh, then there is the argument that Federation doesn't need another shiny new ship. Heh. Ok. Is that all the anti-carrier group can say? Really?

Let us Feds play with our toys, you Klinks play with yours. K?