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11-19-2010, 07:07 PM
Actually, I believe the majority of KDF-players has characters on both sides, as we don't have a lot of content right now. This does not only provide us with more stuff to do, it also prevents us from suffering from "tunnel vision" as we do not only think of a single faction when we ask for stuff. Naturally, this also means that we would appreciate the factions to remain unique, so that it's more interesting playing on either side. More variety = more fun.

The way I see it, the carries have become a scapegoat for bad teamplay. How else could you explain the KDF winning ratio even in matches without carriers? Not to mention in tiers where carriers are not even possible?
I promise you one thing: As soon as Starfleet gets access to a dedicated carrier, the cloaking device will become the next scapegoat. Because it's always easier to fall in line with a crowd of people blaming something different rather than analyzing their own tactics.

I see it all the time when I PvP on my Fed characters. People not sharing heals, not focusing fire, sometimes not even grouping in a team. Of course the fight is going to be harder under such conditions. Added to that comes the fact that the carrier is a different kind of ship. Not overpowered, but requiring another kind of approach to take down. And instead of reading up on the advice such as these posted countless times in the forums, too many people find it easier to keep going as they are used to, and then complain on the forums when they loose.

Luckily this is changing, if just slowly. Either because of more Federation players gaining experience in PvP (after having PvE almost exclusively for months) or by PvP-experienced KDF players switching over - possibly both. The battles started to become far more balanced and actually challenging for the KDF, as I see more teamplay almost every week - and more Fed players willing to work together when I'm on my Starfleet characters.

PS: And the Akira still isn't a carrier in hard canon, as much as her fans and the original designer want her to be.