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11-19-2010, 10:52 PM
Fine fine FINE! Last thing we neet is another let the Feds have carrier thread, its pointless and the same people argue back and forth.... Its like watching bad television. SO here is my idea NO! Federation carriers BUT! Let us use the hanger bay feature to launch our own fighters from our battleships.... That way the feds don't get a shiny new ship but we can counter the klingon carrier threat with our own fighters if we chose so that <in a limited fashion> we can all be happy...

Did we forget our history? One fighter killed a battleship in the 1920s thats how carriers got started, it would make sense that if one interstellar power developed carrers that another would too, to counter the threat especially if they were BOTH AT WAR!... This has nothing to do with PVP Im looking for a balance of power...