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11-20-2010, 05:05 AM
I was also having difficulty with this mission. I couldn't get near the remaining comet fragments before getting wasted by the huge fleet of klingons all over the map - they were camping my respawn point and I would be half dead almost before the loading screen had cleared.

I did however find my own little work around. I cancelled the mission and reaccepted it. It meant I had to do the slingshot again (failed twice, was warped out of the system, popped back in for a retry and the autopilot did the work - why couldn't have done that in the first place!?!), and all the stuff on the station again, but it meant I had a clear field for the comet "battle" again.

Once back out in space, the first thing I did was disable the first wave of Klingon ships - you never get to destroy them so you can shoot with impunity. Once they were drifting helplessly in space, I went and blew up the comet, which broke into three shards. Two more Klingon ships appeared and rather than chase after the comet fragments, I disabled the new arrivals. Basically, everytime new ships spawned, I disabled them before destroying another bit of the comet. When I was down to the last fragment or so, B'Vat's ship tries to ram mine, so I just pour all my power into my engines to keep ahead of him while shooting the last bit of the comet.

Job done! (Although it took a LONG time!)