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# 1 This is not STO
11-20-2010, 06:34 AM
This is not a star trek online game.
now i love this game as much as the next guy but i love star trek more and cryptic are slowly moving away from the trek vers all thay have done is made a mmorpg and put star trek on it to sell it that it all.
I mean the federatrion would not let the alpha quadeant get to a war zone adn the Q would not allow it to.
And the mission are all the same i mean to the series did they get ito a fight every time.You beam down and fight you beam back to your ship and you fight come on that not star trek cryptic are trying to sort it out but its going to slow star trek is not about fighting all the time. Its abou the unknow and meeting new species.
The ranking systerm is a joke a Admiral would not be out in he ships all the time he would be behind a desk makeing the did decisions.anyway that all i have to say.