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11-20-2010, 09:25 AM
Well, after three days, it's boring again. The grind was increased BAD. Holy Cow! The emblem grind is SO out of whack it seems like a typo. It was fun, and the mechanics seem to work mostly , except for all the stuff that has been broken since release. It seems everything that was fixed, was broken by accident after release, then refixed. The stuff broken since release (Borg Hunt is STILL broke? Really? LOL) is still broken I guess.
The gameplay was fun for a few days, but it's already boring, and not fun again. I guess the game is good for one week out of twelve? At least for me.

Tone down the grind. I don't think Everquest was this bad, even when Everquest WAS this bad.

Still no PVP maps huh? Fire your art department, retask the funds to level design. Wait ... lay them off. The work is good but you don't need any more useless skins right now. If the art departments can't do level design too, send them to level school or fire them and hire artists that can do level design.

The people are acting better. At least it looks like STO lost most of the D00D's.

Klingons are having fun again. Good for them/us. They deserve it. Carriers for EVERYONE!
Ops until the gameplay is boring and the grind sets in.
Thanks for fixing the ATI bugs STO. I'm sad your management is so poor, you would figure in such a competitive jobs economy you guys could get better by now. At least managers that would say "'s been broken since release? Lets make December RELEASE FIX IT DAY". But nah, I guess not.