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11-20-2010, 01:34 PM
I've been complaining about this since the start, and even got some dev posts about it. Still not fixed.

My last two tickets via /bug were noting that the popup caused me to leave a mission space -- admiral popped up to yap at me when I was trying to pick up a loot, and that each and every "scan five anomalies" missions, the last anomaly is a miss on the frequency minigame, because somebody pops up and steals control away from the minigame screen.

I fully agree that there should never ever, under any circumstance, be a UI popup. There should only be a contact stack queued up in the lower right corner, and we can come to it when we're ready to with the action key or some such.

However: fair's fair, and I do need to point out that the Devedian missions had my boffs popping up to tell me things in micro-windows, with no action button prompt to steal focus. This is a vast improvement.... still not perfect, but better.

I would love to see such things appear at the top of the right-hand contact queue, out of the way and re-viewable. But many thanks to the devs for taking the step so far!