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11-20-2010, 01:59 PM
I accidently did a ground mission on elite a few days back. Every group of dead Borg gave me at least 2 blue items.

My thought is that because we only face, on average, 10 or so enemy ships per space encounter, and when we do face more it's because of frigate spam, that we really don't face enough enemy ships for the increase to make a difference. A full group on elite would, at times, warrant some good drops, but not always (I can't count the times we'd kill a tactical cube or generic dreadnaught only to get an engine battery).

Solution? Well since the challenge in PvE is more about quickly taking out an enemy and less about desperately trying to survive, I vote we either jack up the base loot drop chance or increase the number on enemy ships when on advanced and elite while lowering their health and increasing their speed and damage.