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This is actually a repost from this thread. I'm reposting here because i believe i have had that posted in the wrong section. I'd love to get community feedback on the original thread

The following is the main idea. Other ideas have been thrown into it as well, like making different recipies that would re-invent ships inside the same tier, for different roles (Think USS Enterrprise D = Exploration Cruiser / USS Venture = Tactical Cruiser) by changing the BO arrangement.

Originally Posted by Ruivo
While trying to get some sleep last night i had this idea (happy i remembered it this morning, hehe).

What i propose is a SHIP CRAFTING(Upgrade) system.

Just like you can use crafting material to upgrade items, you would be able to upgrade a ship to the next tier using crafting materials.

I never really did much crafting, so i don't know what a big requirement would be. But it could be made so that the material requirement grows exponentially with each tier, so you'd need to do 1 day worth of exploring to get a Miranda from Tier 1 to Tier 2, three days to get it to Tier 3, nine days to Tier 4 and one month to Tier 5.

That would make sure we don't see a whole lot of Mirandas on Tier 5 AND it would make sense. You see a Tier 5 Miranda, you'll know that it's captain had a HUGE trouble making it T5 worth.

The system itself would be quite simple. You jump aboard the ship you want to refit, go to Memory Alpha (Or UTOPIA PLANITIA, It would be a PERFECT ship refitting facility). Once there, you'd talk to an NPC or a console, put your ship in a slot and the required materials in another and hit the refit button. You'd wait around a day or so, and when it finishes your T2 escort would have T3 weapon/console slots and stats to make it comparable to the T3 escort.

Of course by comparable i mean COMPARABLE, not exactly the same. It wouldn't make sense to have a Stargazer with the same amount of hull and crew space as a Galaxy. It would have weaker hull and less crew, but it would have the same amount of slots and it would be faster and more maneuverable.

Perhaps there could even be some small, optional cosmetic changes. Like the difference between original Excelsior and Refit Excelsior, Original Connie and Refit Connie, Miranda/Soyuz/Boseman

Before anyone say anything, just take a few minutes to think about it. It would make us old ship lovers happy, it would give us old ship lovers something to do (exploring to upgrade our ships), it would explain how an old Constitution could be an admiral's ship of choice, it would introduce UTOPIA PLANITIA to the game with a VERY USEFULL role, instead of just eye candy and ultimately it would open our choices for which ship we want to use.

It's a win/win idea really, and the only ones who possibly wouldn't think so are the trekkie purists who think STO should only have un-canon, 25th century ships.
I don't think that these suggestions would be hard to implement.. it would be mostly GUI changes and some algorythims to change a specific ship' stats. I think so at least

I believe that, if done properly, the suggestions we have had would be able to completely replace the "Tier mechanic".