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11-21-2010, 02:00 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
With a team of five consisting of myself(a Saurian Tac Officer lvl 8 Captain), a Human Tac, Engineer, Sci(lvl 3 Capt, lvl 7, and lvl 5 each), and a Bajoran Engineer(lvl 5 capt.), we got stuck trying to secure Ops when I had to drop out. Just to get there too five hours! Here are my suggestions to make the fleet action workable:

Add a few NPC allied sprites. I would recommend one each of Tac, Sci, and Engineer.

Remove the holoprojectors. They create phantom Gils that taken together killed the team within 10 seconds. Their weapons would stun the team allowing sheer number to overwhelm us.

Stop or greatly reduce the respawn rate of the Legates and Guls. Every time we advance, we have to reclaim all of the terrain we had covered from the Shipyard to where we were killed.

Remove the Interrogators in OPS. Even entering OPS simulaniously, we were unable to even kill a single Cardassian! The Interrogators healed up the sprites to quickly for us to eliminate, even when coordinating our fire on a single target.

Eliminate heal on defeat. It is really annoying when I get one of the Guls or Legates down to less than a tenth of his health, and he is fully healed when I am killed.

Making even a few of these changes would make it possible to complete the mission. It should not require more than three people to complete any Fleet Action.

...I solo'd this...
Try going by yourself.