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11-21-2010, 04:41 AM
Originally Posted by ScaryGuy View Post
My fleet mates and I waited until the final episode to complete the entire devidian series on our fed side. In doing so, we did every mission on elite mode, because for us normal is too easy and we, like everyone else, would like rare drops. Each episode gave us aprox. 10 - 15 drops...the combat ones that is. Multiply that by the combat episodes (4), thats 40 - 60 drops that were acquired by 3 playable characters. Out of that, ONE drop was not a common...and that was a green uncommon. We suffered through all 5 episodes on elite, taking much longer time than it would on normal, and getting one-shoted by tougher enemies. To top it all off...we get to the final episode...the final boss...where the best loot should be...and one of the devidians drops a common mk III. A mk III??? Was not happy.

This is just one example, for we have experienced this in a plethora of other missions. Just wondering if ne1 else has experienced the same thing.

Where is the loot?
this isnt world of welfare loot