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awesome isnt it i pay 260 euro for a game and my tickets dont get answers and in a forum you can ask same question 1000 times and still dont get the correct answer, just trolls to annoy you during youre voyage to an answer.

i need my retrofit rec science vessel as i reached max lvl ages ago.
i ask for it and wont get correct answer like if cryptic would say srry dude will take 5 months i am all satisfied.
no they leave me in the cold as i am prob EU meaning not important(this is my exp with most MMO treating eu players.)
but hey i can wait i am lifetimerrrrr
give all the nice treats to the US guys and hell put a new tribble.
if all this is done, maybee just maybee they look at my question.
i finished like 3 MMO during the voyage of getting a retrofit rec vessel for my scienceguy lol.
some think there smart some think there superior yet noone cares for real

live cool,