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11-21-2010, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by apt.pupil
but to farm that place, you need to be in a cruiser.

theres no way to harden up escorts and science vessels enough to make them survive the harder enemies.

I prefer doing the slightly easier dailies, such as fleet actions, Ker'rat, and the Breen dailies.
Elite in space is fairly easy, except certain mob types like Undine Cruisers and Escorts HYT one shotting you if you get careless/unlucky and Borg Probes completely locking you with beam over until they kill you (although only had this happen once). Other than those a SV can slowly killing anything while alternating between 25 and 50 shield power with TSS2/ST1/HE3.

Only reason I stopped playing on elite is getting bored of repeating cluster missions every day at the rate which SV kills things. (And poor drop rates, in getting 2 and bit characters to VA my only purple has been a Mk.7 ground shield, from back before there were difficulty settings)