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11-22-2010, 02:41 AM
I like the idea. except change it to some SF people are working with a group to help them aquire SF weapons and technology in order to start a CIVIL WAR. You wont know who the bad guys are. I think it would be better to if the group was a new kind of faction. Nothing rally elaborate... just different than Maqui ? or shapeshifters. Just regular people of all races banded together because of the prime directive or something. Im gonna work on that more.
I don't see why you'd need a new faction to be the bad guys in this. It would be pretty easy to use an existing group like the Romulans or Orion Syndicate.

But what about no "bad guy" faction at all? What if it's just a situation of some opportunistic individuals in the right place at the right time who may not even realize / or care that they're putting the Federations security in jeopardy.

Or better yet, what if it's a well meaning member of Starfleet? For example, say you've got a ferengi is Starfleet and his family on Ferenginar are in serious debt ... possibly facing debtors prison or something like that. Out of love for his family he decides to raise some quick latinum by pawning off copies of some Starfleet Engineerign Corp replicator databases. In his haste he may not have taken the time to look at what he was selling, just grabbing the biggest files he could find, assuming they'd bring the best price on the open market. It never occurred to him that he's potentially placed the designs for nasty military hardware in the hands of some very nasty people.

Haven't really thought them through. Just putting this out there for anyone who might find these ideas useful.