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11-22-2010, 04:37 AM
Originally Posted by K1tty
I, and I speak for a fast majority of my fleet, refuse to do any mission, or whatever, that takes almost whole day with a group of experienced players, without the guaranty that you will not encounter any game breaking bugs.

Less undine and making them more powerful would be perfect.

The end part is lame. After 10 wipes we gave up.
we only did terra once :p

but this is the reason why i dont take fleetmates to terra:
the first and only time we tried terra was with a experienced team who knows his / her char really good.

- we finnaly got past 'protect the engineers' part. its to hard and when you fail you have to redo the flipping part.
- as said before; some NCP's flip there coins very often, but some to it only once every 10 min. so we stand there with the whole team watching some NCP's, hopping they flip the coin.
- there where to many undine on the ground part, make something like the patrols and the nodes in the infected. (i know there are a kind of 'nodes' but dont know the name)
- the last part was insane. even before we entered the room sulu was dead and we failed. so we continue to fight to boss,
- i think the end boss is a large part luck because with a experienced team we couldn't kill hem in time before the dead wipe.

After +6 hours doing Terradome and 10 wipes in the last part, we gave up.
now i hope terra gets fixed and we can get a experienced team together and try agian.