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11-22-2010, 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
At least, that we know of. There hasn't been a reference to a Starfleet Commodore since The Motion Picture. Enterprise, as a prequel, may or may not count.

I'm in favour of the Commodore rank, but to be fair, we haven't seen a Commodore in a long time.
An other thing we haven't seen in a long time is Uhura's ear piece, the TOS uniform, Consitutions class ships, and LaForge's visor to name a few.

Originally Posted by jonnyd84 View Post
The reason I suggest cadet is that we should start out atthe academy on earth where we learn the basic controls and functionality of the game. From there we would then graduate at be posted to our ship under the ensign rank. Cadet would level 0-4 and ensign 5-10 similar to WoW where you would start in Darnassus and learn your basic skills and then travel out from there. First! They will have to make earth visitable and design and create starfleet command and starfleet academy as playable areas.
I fully support a new intro to the game with a Cadet rank and training at Starfleet Academy instead of the one in place now. Then I would like to see a lot more levels at the captain rank and additionally more for each rank above that.

Originally Posted by Captain_Klutz1983
is there any idea about when the level caps will be increased higher than vice admiral.
I rather not have any additional caps until they have changed the system.