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11-22-2010, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by Direphoenix View Post
I still maintain that the answer is to separate ranks from skill levels. You can still have a minimum skill level requirement for the ranks but make it optional as to whether or not you want to be promoted (rank-wise). As the game moves into the future we're going to need to continue to increase in skill levels, but the number of ranks is already ridiculous and will only increase in absurdity if we continue to tie our levels to them.

They really need to make a separate game for Admirals and Generals anyway. The game we're playing right now from Ensign to Vice Admiral is actually still a "Captain" game, in command of a single vessel and crew, going out and doing things on our own. For example, I definitely do not feel like I'm playing a Vice Admiral, the game I'm playing feels just like I'm playing a level 51 Captain (which btw I do not define as good or bad, just acknowledging that the game at level 51 is no different than the game at level 31). As an aside, why are our Admirals still taking orders from Lieutenants? All our starfleet mission contacts should be Admirals.

An "Admiral" game needs to be more strategic, in command of multiple units and/or resources and have a larger scope than what we do with our single ships. Honestly, an "Admiral" game should play a little more like an RTS, where you command from a starbase or flagship over multiple units against large forces and fronts, controlling territory and resources. Those mission contacts that we have in the "Captain" game (that should be Admirals)? We should be more like them to the (probably NPC) ships in our fleet.

Also, as this type of game may be more for some than others, we should have the option to "step down" from being an Admiral if we find that the "Captain" game is more to our liking.
I agree with you 100%