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# 138 Version 2.4.0 Now Available.
11-22-2010, 09:46 AM
Now available: New version 2.4.0 of the Ship Power Calculator:
- Added new Klingon ships:
....- Bírel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit: +15 to Weapons
....- Orion Patrol Cruiser: +5 to Systems
....- Varanus Fleet Support: +10 to Aux
- Clarified that the Raider ship type referred to in the Release Notes is a Bird-of-Prey.
- On the Shields tab, added a link to the 04/29/10 Release Notes.
- Made the Raw Power Gains easier to read by reducing the decimal places down to 2.
- Re-arranged the skill list on the "crunchy" Skill Level Calc page, so they match the first page and the in-game order.
- Mades some minor alignment changes to the Skill Level Calc page.
- Fixed spelling/puncuation errors.
Thanks to Malcivious for the New Ship Power info.

Sorry folks, I did not get to finish the "skill point per power level" feature to the Calc. With the busy holiday season coming up, this addition will likely have to wait until next year.