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11-22-2010, 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by Simale
An other thing we haven't seen in a long time is Uhura's ear piece, the TOS uniform, Consitutions class ships, and LaForge's visor to name a few.

I gather this is supposed to be sarcasm? We haven't seen Uhura's earpiece, so it could theoretically still be in use in some way. The TOS uniform has been superceded, evidenced by the fact that characters are wearing a different uniform. If it was still in use, everyone would be wearing them (Uniform means all the same). The Constitution has also been superceded, as evidenced by the existence of other ships, and Geordi's visor has been replaced by implants which we have seen.

You're referring to technology, which has a limited life span. A title does not.

I fully support a new intro to the game with a Cadet rank and training at Starfleet Academy instead of the one in place now. Then I would like to see a lot more levels at the captain rank and additionally more for each rank above that.

I rather not have any additional caps until they have changed the system.
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