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# 9 T'Pol Jumpsuit Guide
11-22-2010, 02:59 PM
Here are all of the variants I could match or come close to matching for the T'Pol Jumpsuit. Of course, some of these colors are not technically canon as I would like them to be because we are limited to using the Uniform color pallet, but I think they turned out pretty good overall and they give that T'Pol feel we want regardless. I hope you all like them.

Note on Jumpsuit 5: The white I chose is the lightest possible without getting that annoying glare when in bright lighting.

T'Pol Jumpsuit 1
T'Pol Jumpsuit 2
T'Pol Jumpsuit 3
T'Pol Jumpsuit 4
T'Pol Jumpsuit 5
T'Pol Jumpsuit 6
T'Pol Jumpsuit 7