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11-23-2010, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by Valias
This actually depends on the BO's career. If the Orion's career is already represented by another BO on your bridge, it's possible that all "seat slots" for it are taken. You could try using another bridge...

It annoys me as well, especially when your helmsman sits in the back and you've got an engineer sitting in the front row. I'd wish they would let us choose who sits where.
That explains it. I had an "alien" character i had made to look Orion, so when I got an actual Orion my intent was simply to replace her - except I didn't dismiss her yet, so there's an excess number of Tactical officers and a lack of Engineers. But yeah, I'd like to be able to set where they appear, preferably in conjunction with assigning them specific roles. There's no reason for my CMO to be on the bridge all the time (Contrary to what Bones might say) and the same could be said of the Chief Engineer. Of course, an option to allow them to be on the bridge should be available. I just like to use the Prometheus C-store bridge and it doesn't have 10 BO spots on the bridge, so I'd like a way for them to be visible elsewhere on my ship.
Ship-wide uniforms would help this issue too though.