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11-23-2010, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by Voyager235 View Post
Make it better then anything the klingons have and ever will have make it so we can kick them all the way back to Qo'nos
So you can't do it without a special ship?:p

On a serious note: if an additional ship that is specifically designed to counter a large number
of small targets is really required, how would a T5 Akira with a multitarget torpedo system sound?
Unlike the fighter thingy (it's still not even clear whether the 25 meter wide Peregrine would fit through the forward hangar doors without subspace compression) we've seen her use torpedoes and she does have those launchers on her model.
Why not use them for a special ability?
Could make her an interesting anti-carrier escort in a true sense of the word "escort".
Of course the Klingons would deserve something similar for KvK.
A T5 K't'inga class "Escort Battlecruiser" could do the trick.
And it wouldn't even have to be an exact mirror ability since the K't'inga uses
torpedoes of a 15 meter caliber.
Fewer torpedoes with bigger AoE would still work quite well.