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11-23-2010, 10:55 AM
Woot, thanks!

As a suggestion, on the Raw Power Gains section, it would be nice to see a Total for each of the power pre-sets.

For instance:
Attack: <Weapon power gain + Shield power gain + Engine power gain + Aux power gains for the Attack preset>
Defense: <W+S+E+A for Defense preset>
Speed: Etc..
Balanced: Etc..
Custom1: Etc..
Custom2: Etc..

This way, you can easily see the total power gains from each pre-set and play around with the custom ones to maximize power gains while keeping power levels you are comfortable with.

It will allow a very quick reference to total power gain, so you can see that, as an example I punched in, the Attack pre-set would give me a total of 116.44 power gain across the board, while the Balanced preset would only give 103.03... and in total you'd be effectively losing 13.41 power points by using Balanced over Attack, which is around two Mk XI consoles!

Although, currently, it seems a 100, 50, 25, 25 preset, is the best way to maximize power gains, but if you wanted to stray from that, you can quickly see how much you'd actually be losing by looking at the combined totals. You could also use that information to quickly see how much difference Efficient Captain, and adding Efficient bridge officers, changing skill ranks, etc adds to the whole picture, and not just one power level at a time.

It's something that can easily be added too, although, where to fit it in the spreadsheet might be the hardest part.

Thanks for creating and updating this, it allows me to relish in my meta-gaming addiction. Sometimes I just have more fun playing the game when I'm not even logged in.