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Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc View Post
Except the tutorial only has the most basic features of STO. It isn't even relevant anymore. All it does is show you how to target, move, fire, and equip items.
Perhaps I should explain the feature I'm thinking of, in more detail.

Lets break down what the tutorial has in ways of mission objectives:
  • Reach a location

  • Interact with object(s)

  • Interact with one object out of a group of objects!

  • Interact with an NPC and have multiple dialog entries.

  • Interact with objects to affect the environment (i.e. lowering the force-field, or beaming Borg drones into space).

  • Creating a group of NPC's some of which are hostile, others friendly, all responding to the encounter in differing ways.

  • Disabling a part of the player UI so that abilities and powers cannot be used while the mission's author doesn't want them to be active.

  • Placing items in containers (kit and rifle) and requiring the player to obtain the items and use them.

  • Two different dialog boxes that allow 'leading' the player around the story, normal dialogs and the help dialogs (the ones voiced by Mr. Quinto).
Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc View Post
I'd think you'd want to take the elements of the RA UH Borg missions, particularly the one where you have to diplo the Romulans into fighting for you. Of all missions in STO right now, to include the fourth devidian mission, I see it as containing the "quintessential feature-set" many, including you, would want to see in future STO content.
The mission you speak of is the exception and not the rule, therefore I wasn't looking at it as a template to emulate. I'd of course be thrilled if multiple-paths and branching storylines (as well as proper dialog-trees) were implemented, but I feel that would be hoping for too much, at least for now.

Heck, I can already see that some of the things I've put in the above-list can already be considered too much, but I'd still love to see them in a quintessential feature-set.

Also, I did say that's the feature-set I'd like to see in the start of the Foundry Open Beta, which would be a mere sub-set (I hope) of what the Foundry should be at it's actual release...