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11-24-2010, 04:21 AM
Originally Posted by Matunus
I have to say that the souv does not need a refit, it is NOT a battleship.
100 % agree

Originally Posted by pr1983 View Post
imo the excelsior should never be as capable as the sovereign, due to starfleet tech progression.
Basicly I agree. But the Defaint shouldnt be capable to do that, too. And the Intrebit. And a B'rel class BoP.
But in a game you just cant make a high level ship class that much stronger then another one.

But to refits; there are limits. I mean, i would love to see Constitutions and NXs and Mirandas on high levels but it would not be very reasonable to see them blowing up a souverign.
I still like the Idea of "Secondary ship classes"; wich means there are "retrofits" of almost everything from runabout over NX till Constitution, that work with the Skill of the prime Ship (Assault or Retrofit cruiser for the Constitution for example) but are, in 1 vs 1no match for original T5 ships. But they would have any kind of support abilitys wich would make them a better choice then the "prime ship" now and then in a team.
or may be, at last, they come as some kind of t4 refit but just available at admiral, so you could at last do the Daily stuff (exploration, deferi missions ect) with them.