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11-24-2010, 07:04 AM
The SFD was formed back in early closed beta. Although we have gone through some changes, the main principle remains the same, an active, adult group of STO players. One of the main reasons SFD has gone through these changes is because the direction of what people wanted out of the game(ex pvp). In the beginning of summer 2010 at the request of some members, the fleet started to fragment into different groups, with separate chat channels. One for PvP, one for role play, another for a special squad, by the start of summer we had 5 global chat channels. This is why SFD is reorganizing to make one fleet, one strong fleet. If your into RP or an avid PvP player, SFD might not be right for you, but if your an adult STO player who wants to play with adult players then SFD might be right for you!! Become part of one of the original STO fleets by joining today!!