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Originally Posted by Omega_Glory
I think at most, all we'll ever get is the ability to fly from system to system from the bridge.

When you think about it, all Cryptic has to do is allow you to access the system list map from the bridge, and then you'd double click the system you want to fly to. Since all the star systems are instances, all they'd need to do behind the scenes is set a timer depending on how far away the system is from you, show a star-streak animation on the view screen, and once the timer expires, drop you into the instance/star system in space combat mode.

So, for example :

1) Walk over to your helmsman.
2) Press "F" to talk to him/her.
3) Select the system you want to go to.
4) Select "Engage"
5) Behind the scenes a timer starts based on the distance of the system from your last location (STO already knows where your ship was prior going to your bridge because when you leave the bridge, you're returned there.)
6) Star field animation is displayed on the view screen
7) Helmsman periodically reports ETA to system in a speech bubble. ("ETA to Vulcan system, 1:30")
8) Once you arrive, in a speech bubble the Helmsman states "We have arrived at the Vulcan system."
9) 3 seconds pass, and then you're dropped into the system instance in Space combat mode.

I think that'd be really neat, and wouldn't require an overhaul of how the ship interiors work.

The only catch I can see with this is that they wouldn't be able to allow you to wander your ship while you're "traveling" since the Crew deck and Engineering Deck are separate instances. You could go sit in your Ready Room though if you wanted.
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As for the Bridge/Sector Space Navigation, that is a very viable and good idea...

I also think it would be kind of interesting to have a few missions aboard the ship. There have been many a Star Trek episode where the crew never stepped foot off the ship to solve a mission or problem. The ship Layouts all include Bridge, Sickbay, Engineering, Engineering Lab, Captain's Quarters, Ready Room, and a Lounge... most of the environment is already built though it needs to be better tailored per ship class and not so..... standardized.

Fighting a contagion or an intruder (be like PVP Ground, but through the ship, Jeffries Tubes, etc.), Undine imposter ON YOUR SHIP !! There are many ideas...

It could feature your own crew and an EMH in case some crews do not have a Science Type available for a Doctor.