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# 117 BFAW and CSV dont count
11-24-2010, 10:47 AM
Beam: Fire at Will and Cannon: Scatter Volley CANNOT be considered a 'counter' to carrier pets as they require you to use your weapons.

The carrier can summon fighters AND shoot at full DPS at the same time. An opponent must stop delivering DPS and employ at least one full volley on clearing those fighters.

If my other buffs are already charged, this could not only cost me 50k+ damage that I would have dealt from that volley, PLUS the cooldown I must suffer as a result of using abilities on the same subsystem.

In the mean time my target has been healed for god knows how much, probably by the very carrier I am trying to destroy.

Carrier pets introduce a huge imbalance...

If I dont clear them then...
  • My opponent gets extra DPS for free
  • My bare shield facings are vulnerable from several directions
  • I cant target anything reliably as there is a ton of flotsam getting in the way
  • My team is less likely to focus fire

If I do clear them then...
  • I waste DPS
  • I allow my opponent to heal up
  • I break focus fire
  • I'm not concentrating on the actual target who could then run, hide, or flank me

If we have to keep frickin' carrier pets then they should either get a MASSIVE nerf, or the feds need to get them too.