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11-24-2010, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by Nrrdboi View Post
um...hello...bridge commander! and yes i do sleep...****
Bridge Commander, or at least the videos I've seen of it on youtube, plays too differently than STO.

First, the shields in STO are quadridirectional (neologism I just made) as opposed to BC which has dorsal and ventral shields in addition to the compass rose system in STO.

Second, you lose situational awareness in that game very quickly. Not one of the combat videos I saw looked like it had a measure of orientation while targeting enemies, and I think all of the videos I saw where the player was targeting a moving enemy were switched to an external view.

Finally, BC plays a lot slower than STO. There are so many AoE abilities that you'd be better off playing from outside of the bridge, and so many abilities in general that you might want to prevent yourself from fixating.

All in all, I think you lose more than you gain by being bottled up in a bridge when there's so much going on in STO, particularly in PvP

edit: so it seems that quadridirectional is actually a word. I can't have anything.