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11-24-2010, 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by Fatherfungus View Post
I don't think it will be as bad as some think it will be

you publish a goes into the system....why spam chat to get folks to try it ?
many will...just from the mission menu....lotta bored folks out there.

I would not bother 'promoting' my mission, I would get started on my next one...or do some myself.
Speaking as someone who use the CoX Mission Architect; after the initial "Oh coll I created my first mission' aura wears off, you'll go into the search tool, and see 1000+ missions ALL looking to be played; and you might even have issues finding your own mission that you just did.

Aftyer a few days of seeing eithe zero plays, or 1 to 3, with no real feedback to speak of, you might start tjhinking - "Damn it, I spent a lot of time making this, it's good, but it's buried in that sea of missions and no one can really see what sets it apart. I know, I'll post on the Forums....oh damn, looks like a bunch of authors had the same idea - look at the length of these threads...oh well, at least the list is shoreter..."

Then after a few more days of either not a lot of plays or little to no feedback...

"I'm gonna bit the bullet...I'm going to throw a shout out on the ESD/Klingon Homewaorld, couldn't hurt..."

This is where the 'Play my mission please?!" spam will start generating from once te Foundry is available - and those from the clsoed beta will have a head start as their missions will already be up; or they'll be able to do a quick 'cut and paste' to the open beta phase; but all their missions will be up before yours too. Again, not saying this is a good or bad thing overall; but the repository of missions will be HUGE; and people who spent a lot of time will start doing stuff to promote their work as they WANT people to play it, and give feedback.