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11-24-2010, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by Zutty View Post
Beam: Fire at Will and Cannon: Scatter Volley CANNOT be considered a 'counter' to carrier pets as they require you to use your weapons.
As oppossed to what?

The carrier can summon fighters AND shoot at full DPS at the same time. An opponent must stop delivering DPS and employ at least one full volley on clearing those fighters.
Or like when a BoP goes against a Cruiser with its tactical/Photonic fleet escort (summoned by the player), you can choose to ingore the NPC's and suffer whatever happens or deal with them them attempt to deal with the Cruiser.

If my other buffs are already charged, this could not only cost me 50k+ damage that I would have dealt from that volley, PLUS the cooldown I must suffer as a result of using abilities on the same subsystem.
Like chess STO has to be thought out a little ahead in what aspect a player intends to react in any given situation.

In the mean time my target has been healed for god knows how much, probably by the very carrier I am trying to destroy.
True of any target in any game that has a healer doing thier job.

Carrier pets introduce a huge imbalance...

If I dont clear them then...
  • Quote:
  • My opponent gets extra DPS for free
  • - same for any summoned NPC pet- its free.
  • My bare shield facings are vulnerable from several directions
  • fortune of war and being in a hostile enviroment.
  • I cant target anything reliably as there is a ton of flotsam getting in the way
  • This is way too true and why I have suggested the CoX mastermind pet system as a model.
  • My team is less likely to focus fire
  • This is not the fault of the carrier or its pets, as team work is an individual choice.

If I do clear them then...
  • Quote:
  • I waste DPS
  • How? the pets are clear and you should have the chance to use this to your advantage. Team work is the key, or are you expecting to solo-kill a carrier?
  • I allow my opponent to heal up
  • True-fortunes of war. This happens anytime any vessel successfully pulls your antention away from them.
  • I break focus fire
  • Not the carriers fault
  • I'm not concentrating on the actual target who could then run, hide, or flank me
  • Fortunes of war again. If i can make you too busy to bother with me in combat then I have accomplished my goal. This is a tactic used by almost all vessels, or did you think GW,TYKR, and the other AoE's that require emediate response where for the fun of it? Its there to weaken you and cause you to quit shooting the me.

If we have to keep frickin' carrier pets then they should either get a MASSIVE nerf, or the feds need to get them too.
I'll drop carrier pets when they do away with photonic fleet, tactical fleet NPC's and make mines easier to ignore in combat when I tab target. Otherwise the only real problems with the carrier is;
Lag caused by the number of NPC's in play. This is not an issue so much of Cryptic as the game has a minmum PC requirment needed to play and some players may have older PC's like me which will slow down due to NPC spam. I changed my setting pvp and all is fine.
Targeting, as its next to impossible to select a player over a NPC using TAB to target and with all the NPC's cluttering up the view its hard to mouse target sometimes. The TAB aspect should be easy to fix, but the visual clutter is a problem for better minds than mine as its always been considered difficult to target a single person within a crowd.

Every other aspect of the carrier is fine and to be honest unchanged from before the pet updates it recieved. Otherwise its a big very slow Cruiser with pets and not near the "OP" beast most believe it to be.
The pets are the key. We need fewer pets with better attributes.