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11-24-2010, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by Alecto View Post
[color="White"]@Armsman; Do you have other players in your friends list or in your fleet (if you are in a fleet) who you consider to be friends?

You can send other players direct links to your authored missions, and I would suggest that asking your friends, before going to either the forum or the zone chat channels is a good idea, unless of course they specifically state that they are not interested before asking them.
Oh yes, I understand that (assuming Fleetmates are up for such, you can get plays from them set up, 'You play mine, I play yours, etc.); but the poster I replied to was under the impression that 'advertising' and chat spamming won't be an issue because he/she believes everyting will get played by someone; but honestly, that won't be the case for a number of people who will have spent a fair amount of time on mission craetion, so I sure we will (unfortunately) start to see 'Please play my mission' chat in game (in major social areas); as well as get some folks with bad or hurt feelings regarding the Foundry either because of feedback they didn't expect (valid or not); their mission getting a low star rating (deserved or not), etc.

There will be positives and negatives to having the Foundry in game. Hopefully, and overall, the positives will greatly out weigh the negatives in the long run and it will be considered a good feature addition to STO - but time will tell.