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11-24-2010, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by Airshow View Post
mdeck what do you mean? afraid my knowlage of how other players in my fleet recruit is not exactly good
Hello Airshow,

The following dialog happened last Saturday (2010/11/20) roughly at 6pm UTC:

[Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: hi, wanna join a fleet thats fun, helps each other out and pays you credits everytime you get promoted in the game?

I replied him, that i am already in a fleet.

[Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: does your fleet pay you 100k or 150k everytime you get promoted?

After this i didn't answer and put him to my ignore-list.

From the Captains DB, i got his fleet, put a warning in the forum of my fleet, and later that night i found this thread...