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11-25-2010, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by Dyonas View Post
I don't doubt that smaller ships in capable hands can win in PvP and fully intend to grab my T2 cruiser at some point just to play for pure fun but if it was a T2 refit making it T3 that would add to the fun factor and your chance of doing more

the lack of boff powers and weapon slots will never make lower tier vessels viable (t4 is basically the lowest you can go without screwing yourself over too much) no matter what kind of hack captain you are.

Show up wit a t1-t3 ship before my Galaxy x and i will melt you down without you EVER being able to break my tank.

If we ever get refit options, the first thing those refits should do is bring the ship up to t5 stats - even if it means it will get worse in some areas (turnrate for example).

A proper baseline that all vessels at that level share is needed before you can start thinking about "individualization".