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General Chat / Forum Terms:
  • ATM: At The Moment.

  • BBQ: Barbecue.

  • BOff: Bridge Officer.

  • BoE: Bind on Equip.

  • BoPu: Bind on Pickup.

  • BRB: Be Right Back.

  • DIACF: Die In A Chemical Fire.

  • DIAF: Die In A Fire.

  • DXP: Diplomatic Experience Points.

  • FYI: For Your Information.

  • HBY: He's Behind You.

  • HUD: Head Up Display.

  • IIRC: If I Recall Correctly.

  • IMO: In My Opinion.

  • IP: Intellectual Property (STO) / Internet Protocol (Common to 21st Century Internet Users).

  • L2P: Learn to Play.

  • LLAP: Live Long, and Prosper.

  • LoL: Laugh out Loud.

  • LY: Light Year.

  • Mish: Mission.

  • MT: Mistyped.

  • Newb / Newbie: New Player Unfamiliar with Protocols (nice version).

  • Noob / Nub: New Player Unfamiliar with Protocols (bad version).

  • NZ: Neutral Zone.

  • OP: Original Post / Original Poster.

  • P&LL: Peace and Long Life.

  • P2SP: Post to See Posts.

  • PUG: Pick Up Group.

  • QFE: Quoted For Emphasis.

  • QFT: Quoted for Truth or Topic.

  • qq / QQ: Kind of like 2 eyes with Teardrops coming out (Logographic not Phonetic)

  • RoFL: Roll on Floor Laughing.

  • RrB: Restroom Break.

  • RoA: Rules of Acquisition.

  • STF: Special Task Force.

  • TBA: To Be Announced.

  • TBC: To Be Confirmed.

  • TBD: To Be Determined.

  • TBH: To Be Honest.

  • TL;DR: Too Long, Didn't Read.

  • TL;DC: Too Long, Don't Care.

  • UGC: User Generated Content.

  • WC: Wrong Chat / Wrong Channel.

  • WiS?: Where is Sulu?

  • WZ: War Zone.