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With all the talk about a Fed Carrier and all the PvP unbalance lately i thought well ill test this out.
I have max level Klinks and Feds , and there is a huge differance , when i play as Klink pvp is easy , to be honest its because of the cloaks.

This allows one team to fly invisible as a group , capture caps , lay in wait till feds capture one and zoom off , uncloak and take it back straight away. Groups invisible then decloaking and letting loose on one ship , feds have little chance, they can see most fed ships and where there going , the3 advantage is definetly in Klink hands hands down , there is more but its all been said.

So my idea is let the Feds have a Carrier , sort off.

The Nebula is costly to buy is is a terrible ship , the t5 ship is awsome to look at , best ingame i think so....

How about a new abilitie on it to allow it to sort of be a cross between a carrier and what it is now (crap lol) , what about a version of Photonic Fleet?

This could launch Photonic Battle wing or something , ships stay till dead but wont compare to a Carrier but would help.

Something like:
1 Marque (the fighters what ever name is)
2 Runabouts
3 Shuttles

Combined with Photonic Fleet would turn the Nebula into a cloak hunter killer to a degree , and wouldnt be a true carrier then so not breaking Cannon to much lol , Photonic Fleet could have its timer cut to half if on a Nebula as well?

Just a thought what you think?