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11-25-2010, 08:18 PM
Originally Posted by flyingshoebox View Post
Something that's always bugged me about sto is the limited ways we can affected the face on toons. sure we can add bumps scars and the likes but working with the cheeks bones is imposable as well as the rotation on the eyes and frankly a lot of other things that limit what we can really make effectively. I now that reworking the face sliders would be outside the realm of the c-store but what about added a few more heads and some hair. Like we have with the Asian head with different options of some of the features we have no way of controlling. As for the hair I know more keeps getting added but the variation are still rather limited.

Id buy a pack that had maybe 3-5 new heads for both genders and 3-5 new hair styles. Or one with more faces then hair like 5-8 faces and 2-3 hair style's that are more casual looking.
There are epicanthic folds(East Asian eyes) in this game? Maybe it is just me, but Kirayoshi O'Brian doesn't look like he really has them. Oh, I really love single lid eyes. They are so beautiful and exotic.

Off topic: It really bothers me when Asian women get surgery to change their eyes. To me it is a form of self-disfigurement. Please, keep them just the way they are, as they are gorgeous.