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"Beyond the stars is a galaxy full of mysteries, wonders and dangers. STOFleet has been established to explore, discover and tackle anything the galaxy has to offer..."

Established late 2005; our international community has a long history spanning beyond even Cryptic's involvement in the project. STOFleet was created for the purpose of getting potential players who are interested in the Development of the game before an official forum was set up as a place to share idea's and hope's for the newly announced MMO based on the Star Trek Licence.

Five years on we are re-establishing ourselves within the community, with new forums and new fleet structure we have added a modern feel to the historic fleet. With years of experience, the Guild leaders have set down a strong foundation from which we need new members to build upon to meet our prime directive: to create a fun environment, as well as a superior gaming experience for our memberbase.

There are only a few prerequisites to be apart of our community:

- Maturity - Showing a wisdom for intelligent decision making.
- Respect - For all fellow members and the entire STO community.
- Fairness - Playing by and upholding the terms of conditions of playing Star Trek Online.
- Enjoyment - Above all Star Trek Online is a game and is designed to be enjoyed.
- English Speaking - Most of our members speak English and we prefer it for moderation purposes, however members from other countries are more than welcome.

As long as you have those qualities, we accept anyone and everyone from all walks of life regardless of location, timezone, playtimes, age or gender. We regard everyone as equals, as we are here to enjoy ourselves and escape from the real world.

So if you feel that our community is what you are looking for, and you have the qualities we desire, jump on our website and apply:

If you have any questions about us, send us a private message on here or on our website to either Mavryk (@mavrykdh) or David (@dmmaciag) and we will help you in any way we can.