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11-26-2010, 02:31 AM
Several members from my fleet has been contacted the same way by the same person.

Chat dialog one of my members had
[20:14] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: Hi xxxxxx, my fleet is recruiting its next genertaion of officers, we re fun and organised and pay our offciers credits eacgh time they get promoted

[20:19] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: what fleet would that be?

[20:20] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: Delta Omega

[20:20] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: hmm.. but I'm already in a fleet?

[20:21] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: Does your fleet pay you 100k each time you get promoted?

[20:22] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: no, but why does it has to?

[20:22] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: we help our officers improve their ship the seconf they get promoted, our fleet has the strongest ships

[20:23] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: but how do you feel when people recruit your fleet members?

[20:23] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: people move al the time, theres no contract

[20:24] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: do you have a website?

[20:24] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: not yet, but we have a young fleet with aa very supportive structure,

[20:25] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: so how many members do you have so far then?

[20:25] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: about 70

[20:28] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: so are you specifically trying to recruit members of the 12th or are you just randomly contacting people?

[20:28] [Tell] Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: ? Didt even know you were part of that fleet

[20:28] To Gonzalez@Gonzalez2010: ah, okay

What I find interesting is that you are trying to lure people to your fleet by saying that you will pay them as they rank up, but fail to mention a small detail:
We have a fair system in which members of a specific rank are asked to give a certain amount of money to the fleet every week/month this ammount is reasonably for the rank.

No offence meant, I just don't like it when other fleets tries to recruit members from my fleet.