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11-26-2010, 02:46 AM
Originally Posted by CedricO
and some players unhappy. There's things that could be added that make everybody happy. the NX retrofit or the connie retrofit are not one of these. nobody flying a 25th century sovereign, or some other gigantic kickass ship, wants to get beaten by those ships, its just woefully unappropriate. IF, god forbid, these ever become available for vice admiral, i hope they are by far the weakest tier 5's around, only good for PvE (barely) and nothing else.
Oh, and another thing:

I would have no issue at all with T5 Refits of the TOS Connie and the NX.

That being said, I would also have no issue with these Refits of the Historical ships being locked out of PvP, if it helped make them a reality. That gives people the opportunity to fly their favorite ship and have their own personal adventures, and prevents the PvP crowd from being insulted by the sight of such iconic pieces of Star Trek history.

Problem solved.