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11-26-2010, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by CaptMattSchwab
Oh, and another thing:

I would have no issue at all with T5 Refits of the TOS Connie and the NX.

That being said, I would also have no issue with these Refits of the Historical ships being locked out of PvP, if it helped make them a reality. That gives people the opportunity to fly their favorite ship and have their own personal adventures, and prevents the PvP crowd from being insulted by the sight of such iconic pieces of Star Trek history.

Problem solved.
Told you that in a few posts time you'd be supporting refits of the Connie and NX, didn't I? It always comes back to these, doesn't it? You can't lock them out of pvp anyway, the people that want this would cry too hard.

Just like people are crying now that a ship they know has no business competing with the new designs isn't up to their expectations.

Cryptic hasn't commented on any of these discussions in any capacity since this argument cropped up months ago. I honestly think they're scared to, or at least have a hands off policy concerning this. No matter what they do, they're going to **** a lot of people off.