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11-26-2010, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by Volpe View Post
I've been reading here on the forums that when Cryptic announced plans to add the NX to the game a bunch of people threatened to cancel their subs if they did. I don't understand why adding the NX as a high lvl Retrofit Escort. There are several things that can be changed in the original NX interior layout compared to the Defiant, that can make room for modern systems.
  1. A Deck Situation Room
  2. C Deck Upper Observation Deck
  3. C Deck Gymnasium
  4. D Deck Decon room
  5. D Deck Guest Quarters
  6. F Deck Lower Observation Deck
  7. G Deck Grapplers
  8. G Deck Guest Quarters
  9. The Kitchen
  10. Around 30 Crew Quarters

So taking all these things into consideration, please explain to me why adding this ship would make the game so horrible that you would want to cancel your sub?
The naysayers have no valid reason to naysay, bottom line. The federation is fighting a shooting war in 5-6 fronts. They need to crank out simple proven designs. Quality through quantity, it works.

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